Fortified is running a survey to ask your thoughts on bike commuting.  It'll take 3-4 minutes to complete.  Thanks a lot in advance!
How often do you bike-commute?

For the following questions, please tell us how much each bike commuting issue bothers you.

I'm worried about my bike being stolen

I hate biking in cold or rainy weather

My pants / skirt  / coat get dirty with chain grease

I'm worried about parts being stolen (e.g., wheels, lights)

My bike is always breaking down (e.g., flat tire, rusty chain, brakes out of alignment)

It's hard to carry cargo / groceries

I'm worried a car will hit me / door me

Is there another bike-commuting issue that's really annoying for you?

Thank you so much!  Visit to redeem your discount.  Your $30 discount code is HAIKU30 (type it in during the checkout screen).
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Powered by Typeform